Mind-Blowing Art By Fintan Whelan

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This post is not sponsored. I do not claim any of the artwork on this post.

Fintan Whelan is an abstract artist who uses texture and color to give life to his paintings. His paintings have an intricate swirling of colors and shapes that take your breath away.

Image result for fintan whelan art
By Fintan Whelan

In Fintan Whelan’s website, he says that:

“Despite the appearance of serendipity, Whelan’s technique involves constant assessment, measurement and exploration of pigments and their configurations, combined with varnishes, oils and a variety of materials.”

Boundless 1 By Fintan Whelan

Just look at the detail on these paintings! They look a little bit like sculptures, in the way the paint is applied.

Easy Days By Fintan Whelan

I was drawn to these paintings the moment I saw them. I love everything about them. The way the colors and paints blend is perfect to me.

Soft Moon by Fintan Whelan

Are you as mesmerized by these paintings as I am?Which one was your favorite? Tell me what you think in the comments or on my Contact Page.


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