The Best Books To Read If You Dream Of Adventure

Post Title (6).pngEverybody has dreams of going on a miraculous adventure at some point in their lives. My favorite way to explore the unknown and fight fierce battles is on the couch reading one of these books.

Books to read (1).png

Since you are not actually going sailing across the seas or walking across the dessert, you get to pick what kind of adventure you get. Think about it: what does adventure mean to you? If, for you, an adventure must include pirates, treasure, and action,

If for you, an adventure means sword fights, treasure, deserted islands and action, I would recommend checking out…

Treasure Island

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Genre: Adventure Fiction, Young Adult Fiction

My Rating: Four and a half stars

In the time of pirate ships and buried treasure, Treasure Island is about a boy named Jim Hawkins, and his search for the buried treasure of the evil pirate, Captain Flint.

If you dream of exploring a different universe where reality is turned upside down, I think you would like…

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

Author: Lewis Carrol

Genre: Children’s Literature

My Rating: Four stars

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland is about a daydreaming girl who falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a new world where rabbits where coats and mad hatters drink tea.

If an adventure means dropping your bags, exploring the world and finding your destiny, you will love…

The Alchemist

Author: Paolo Cohelo

Genre: Quest, Adventure Fiction

My Rating: Five Stars! This is one of my favorites.

The Alchimist is a beautifully written story about a shepard named Santiago and his adventure of a life time. To find out more, check out my book critique on The Alchemist.

And lastly, if you dream of dragons and dwarves, but an adventure would be unlikely for you, you should definitely read The Hobbit right after second breakfast.

The Hobbit

Author: J.R.R Tolkein

Genre: High Fantasy (or Heroes Quest), Junivile Fantasy

My Rating: Four and a half Stars.

Bilbo Baggins lives a simple life as a hobbit, until a wizard named Gandalf whiskes him off on a quest to recclaim the kingdom of Erebor. An unexpected journey indeed.

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