10 Words You Should Use More Often


The English language doesn’t have a word for everything, but it has some that people rarely use that should be a part of their vocabulary. Use this list of 10 words to introduce some newness and fun into communicating or to boost your vocabulary. Or you could just use it to sound smarter. Whatever you choose, this list of 10 words will be useful to you somehow.

ornella-binni-106372Overmorrow, adv.

meaning: The day after tomorrow



Nudiustertian, adv.

meaning: The day before yesterday



Slonk, v.

meaning: to swallow greedily



Pulveratricious, adj.

meaning: Covered with dust



Zabernism, noun.

meaning: The misuse of military power or authority


alexander-solodukhin-4394 (1).jpg

Velleity, noun.

meaning: A wish or inclination not strong enough leading to an action.



Evancalous, adj.

meaning: Pleasant to embrace



Petrichor, noun.

meaning: the smell outside after it rains


Image result for difficult to see

Nebulous, adj.

meaning: Not clear, difficult to see

……..do you see it?



Flummox, verb./Flommoxed, adj.

meaning: To make someone very confused.


Tell me in the comments which word is your favorite, and let me know if you have any other words that people should use more often!

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