The Future (a sonnet)

I believe the future shall not be filled

with bright lights and cheerfulness all around.

The sun shall keep on shining, but still,

there shall not be any light to be found.

The world shall be veiled in hollow gray,

every soul on this earth, wasting away.

No one will notice the slow decay,

since this world seemed just fine yesterday.

The future, it seems, will not be that bright,

unlike all the stories I’ve seen written,

tomorrow will not be full of bright light,

the future is already handwritten.

 Yet our mistakes can not become undone,

for the future has already begun.

-Written by Jacquelyn Routledge

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One thought on “The Future (a sonnet)

  1. For anyone who is curious: a sonnet is a type of poetry that has 14 lines that rhyme in an a, b, a, b pattern. Each line also must have 10 syllables. Sounds simple enough, but is extremely hard! I hope you enjoy this sonnet about the future, and let me know if any of you are willing to challenge the hard task of writing your own sonnet!


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