Summary of posts-January

Here are some links to all the fantastic posts I have posted this month.

Quote-Jonathan Swift

Quote of the week-Life

Friend (Acrostic style poem)

Why do I write?

Faces (Alliteration)

A list of my favorite things

Water (Haiku)

Found poem-Flavor

Quote of the week-Happiness

Ocean (Apostrophe-style poem)

Amazing watercolor paintings that will blow your mind


Quote of the week-Oblivion

Book of the month-January

Joy (Anaphora-style poem)

Poem-The Chaos

Quote of the week-Art

The world around me-Haiku

A story told in letters

I hope you have enjoyed the posts this past month as much as I have. All the new posts are a great way to start off the new year here on Food For Thought!

Happy new year everyone!

Do you have any ideas, suggestions, or things you would like to see on Food For Thought? Tell me all about it on my Contact Page and follow this blog to watch your suggestion become reality!

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