Book of the month-January

Burning Chrome

Title: Burning Chrome

Author: William Gibson

Published (Originally): 1982

Genre: Cyberpunk (Sci-fi)

Burning chrome is a collection of 10 short stories from one of the greatest sci-fi writers, William Gibson. These short tales tell the story of Jhonny Mnemonic, Fragments of a hologram rose, Burning Chrome, and 7 more captivating short stories.

This book is a must-read for any science-fiction lover, and to anyone else who wants to read something that will blow their mind.

William Gibson is an absolute genius and will blow away any reader to come across his path. I recommend this novel to any type of reader, and whether you love sci-fi or are completely new to the genre, this book is a must.

-Book review by Jacquelyn Routledge

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