Zentangles-A cool new way to express yourself

I have recently become fascinated with Zentangles.

What are Zentangles you might ask? Well, it is a sort of drawing, (usually in black and white) that is full to the brim with lines and doodles. The art is bursting with small and perfect details, it is almost breathing with life.



Pretty cool, right?

My favorite part about this kind of art is that you just go with the flow, you just draw wherever and don’t plan it beforehand. It is whimsical and fun, and the cherry on top is that it is totally relaxing. Something about the lines and shapes of Zentangles really relaxes your brain, and is even a form of meditation!


The only real “rule” with zen tangles is that anything goes. Just draw where your pen decides to go, and fill up empty space with all sorts of crazy doodles and lines.



Before you get started and make some amazing Zentangle art, I have a list of tips and tricks to glance at so you can make some art and have some fun in the fullest way possible!

  • The first thing to do-Create an outline. Draw a circle, triangle, heart, face, anything to fill in with doodles. You could also just use and entire paper as an outline and see where that leads you.
  • Don’t erase mistakes! However hard it may seem, those mistakes are meant to be there, so challenge yourself to work with them. The result might be better than you think!
  • Remember: Anything and everything goes! If you something doesn’t look quite right, or you want to change something, remember that’s not what Zentangles is about. Be yourself and love your art!

Now, get your paper and pen ready for some relaxing and epic art!

-Written by Jacquelyn Routledge

Check out some further reaserch and how-too’s on the subject of Zentangles!

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I do not claim any of the art featured in this blog post.






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