Have you ever stopped time?

Have you ever stopped time?

You know, have every molecule in existence freeze in its tracks while something else changed the fabric of reality? Have you ever stopped existing entirely for thousands of years and then suddenly reappeared? Or maybe only for only one billionth of a second? Have you ever- Wait. You wouldn’t remember, would you?

If you froze time, you wouldn’t remember. Of course! It would feel as if nothing  had happened, that you were just living your life as you would normally. Maybe just now, time was frozen for several billion years, and you had no idea. The gap where there is time and where there isn’t time would be non-existent in your memory.

So let me rephrase the question: Have you ever found yourself in a perfect situation? Somewhere, in some situation, where the circumstances are just absolutley perfect?

So perfect that if one small thing slipped, everything could crumble?

So perfect that it was like something stopped time and made it that way?

That if they hadn’t, the results might be catastrophic? So catastrophic, that a chain of events would take place and cause a tragic imbalance in the world? Something so gravely tragic that must be avoided at all costs?

And this something that stopped it-could it be you? Could your brain know that this could happen, that something would go wrong, and you subconciously stopped time and fixed it?

So tell me-Have you ever stopped time?

-Written by Jacquelyn Routledge

2 thoughts on “Have you ever stopped time?

  1. Charp

    I love this post about time. I myself have spent much time thinking about time and trying to comprehend it’s non-existence outside of using it as a tool to be on-time…. Did you know that time passes more slowly for you if you are at an extremely high altitude than it would if you were at or below sea level? I wonder if that is why wise old gurus live on high mountain peaks…?
    Definitely Food for Thought! Thank you!


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