Book of the Month-December

A Monster Calls


Title: A Monster Calls

Author: Patrick Ness

Published: 2011

Genre: Fantasy/Novel

Although A Monster Calls was a short read, it was a truly unforgettable and moving novel. A boy, a monster, grief and loss, and so many other elements pull and push this book into unexpected directions.

Conor O’Malley wakes up seven minutes after midnight to discover a monster at his window. But alas, it is not the monster he has been expecting. He was expecting the monster from his endless nightmares, the nightmares he had every night since his mother started getting the treatments. This monster is terrible and untamed, and it has come for Conor.                                                                                                         It has come for the truth.

-Book Critique by Jacquelyn Routledge

Patrick Ness has spun a haunting and darkly funny novel of mischief, loss, and monsters both real and imagined.


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