Super Heroes-Short story

I stared down from space at the scrawny blue planet, my confusion growing by the second.

“Did I hear you wrong?” I hoped in with all my heart he was joking.

I could feel him grinning at my confusion. “No, brother. The Ethereals have hidden it here. We are sure of it.”

I lowered my head. Surely the all-mighty Ethereals wouldn’t have made such an illogical decision?

“Trust me”, his voice ringed out again. “The Etherals knew what they were doing.” He paused for a moment, then added, “Let me show you.”

My form was pulled down towards the planet. I could feel him beside me, his energy pulsing with the same rhythm as my own. Although we existed together, we were completely different.

I sighed. Let’s get on with it then.

In just a few moments we were close enough to see the surface. One look at the aliens who inhabited this place and I was ready to question the Ethereals.

“The Aliens are of solid form!” I exclaimed. “They are made of flesh! This is the weakest species I have ever seen!” How can this be?

I felt him smile. “I found it shocking too, at first. But don’t you realize? The jjhandeh will most likely have the same reaction. They will overlook this planet, and the relic will be safe!” I thought about the possibility. “But what if the jjhandeh don’t overlook it? They will find it and destroy it, just like they have all the others. The native species will not be able to protect it. They don’t even know what it is!” He suddenly pulled me closer down towards the surface. This area of the planet was incredibly confusing. It had minuscule particles everywhere formed from a bigger particle. This  sea of tiny rock stretched for what seemed like infinity. Of course, this planet is far too young to have infinity in it.

“They call it the desert.” He spoke suddenly. “I beg your pardon?” I questioned. “The desert” he repeated.  “The natives call it the desert.” He looked so proud, he had learned a pathetic word from a pathetic language from a pathetic species. Not to mention the pathetic planet.

“They are called humans, brother.” I was just about to mentally tell my brother to stop meddling with my thoughts when he pulled me down even further. He pulled up an image of a pink human holding up a small, shining green stone. The relic. I gasped.

“1922.” He pointed to the human. “They found it in a ‘tomb’ or whatever that is. Apparently in the early ages of this civilization they… worshiped it.” I reflected on that statement for a moment.

“What is a 1-9-2-2?”I inquired.

“I have no idea.”

We traveled to a new spot on the planet. This spot was busy and bustling with humans and their loud machines that romped around their planet. “Clock triangle. 1983.” He looked around the so-called ‘clock triangle.’ I grinned and whispered, “Times square. That is what they call it.”. My brother was filled with curiosity and admiration. “How-

I pointed to the sign. In bold symbols, it spelled out the strange name of the place we were at.

“I still don’t see why the Ethereals thought the humans could protect themselves from the jjhandeh. We hid it to protect it, and these humans are weak.”

I felt a shift in my brother’s energy. Annoyance and distrust filled me to the core. “Brother! What have you not told me!” He sighed.

“When the last ethereal was destroyed by the jjhandeh, they left all this for someone like me to find.”

“After the humans found the relic, some, uh, strange things started to happen.” His energy smiled at me in a way, and the setting started to change its form.

“The humans were, as you said, weak. The Ethereals knew this. So, if it was to be the planet, we must have some sort of defense. Some way to protect it.”

We pulled in close to an eight-legged creature’s home. Besides the creature was the powerful green stone. When the creature crawled out of its lair and into a workplace for humans, it glowed a faint green.

“The Ethereals carefully examined the humans and hoped to make the best out of the decision they were about to make. The Ethereals went back and forth through time to find the humans who needed a chance. To find the humans who in their simple live needed something to make it better.”

The creature crawled towards a young human holding a clipboard. The creature made it all the way up to the human’s arm. And suddenly bit down.

“That is where the relic comes in. Each special human was given a gift from it, to allow them to defend it. Even if the humans say it was from somewhere else, the relic always played a special part.”

Scenes of humans getting power flashed through my mind, with the relic always somewhere in the picture.

I was in awe.” So, the Ethereals did have a master plan. So many doubted that.”

My brother smiled. “That is not all. The Ethereals prophesized that the humans will defeat the jjhandeh, and when they do, The Ethereals made it so time will re-start, and the humans will re-evolve without the special humans or the relic. They will evolve naturally, without our species intervening.”

The scene on the planet shifted into the far future, where the second timeline had already started. A human was sitting at a table drawing pictures on paper.

“But they also said there will be humans who remember the special ones. They will spread stories about them, and will make much of an effort as they can to live in a world without them.”

I was so full of questions and curiosity that I couldn’t utter a word. After a long while, I asked my brother one last question:

“What do the humans call these special ones?” My brother turned to me and smiled.



-Written by Jacquelyn Routledge

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