Book of the Month: November

The Secret Gardenthesecretgardencover

Title: The Secret Garden

Published: 1911

Author: Francis Hodson Burnett

Genre: Children’s Literature (Although it is entertaining to all ages).

Countless souls have been touched and inspired by the beauty and sweetness of this book. This captivating story is a guaranteed worthwhile book. While reading this book it felt like a breath of fresh air in a smoke cloud.

The main plot is set on a spoiled little girl named Mary Lennox. She is sour-looking, self-absorbed, and cares about no one. When Mary is suddenly orphaned and sent to live with her uncle she has never met, she starts to unveil a new part of her person she has never seen before. As Mary continues to live in her new home, she uncovers part of a secret and is determined to find the rest of it…

I absolutely adored this novel. It had a level of mystery and wonder to it, and had a powerful message. the plot also focuses on the characters more than the plot, wich I personally appreciate in books.

I would recommend this book to every human on the planet. Take the time to read this book. It will be worth it. Like I said, the book focuses on character more than plot, so if you like that sort of thing you should get off your computer and head to the nearest library.

-Book Critique by Jacquelyn Routledge

Let me know in the comments any book or author you want to see on Food For Thought!

3 thoughts on “Book of the Month: November

  1. HAL

    I am reading “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding.. a 1954 nobel prize winning book…I saw the movie years ago. strong message… good book.


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